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Welcome to our blog

November 1, 2012

Welcome to the blog of American Eye Associates. In the coming months this space will be used to provide additional information about issues that impact our patients the most. We will include material on new developments in eye care technology, particularly as it pertains to our areas of focus such as:

We will use our blog to keep you informed about surgical procedures and new diagnostic tools as well as to further explore specific issues related to the health of your eyes and the protection of your vision.

About American Eye Associates

We are one of very few eye care practices in the nation that focuses on the treatment of conditions affecting the vitreous and retina, making our internationally recognized ophthalmologists highly sought after. Many eye doctors in California and throughout the country refer their patients who require specialized care to us, but we are also a full service eye care center, offering routine eye examinations in addition to uniquely targeted treatments.

If you live in San Diego, El Centro, or surrounding areas of California and would like to learn more about our practice, our doctors, or the services we offer, please contact American Eye Associates to schedule an appointment today.

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