What Is Eylea®?

Eylea® is an injectable treatment that can slow the progression of and treat age-related macular degeneration. Eylea® is the number one recommended treatment for patients suffering from wet AMD. It is an injectable anti-VEGF drug that can both treat and slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration. Eyelea® blocks the growth of abnormal blood vessels, which are responsible for causing spots and darkness in a patient’s vision. By hindering the growth of these blood vessels, patients can achieve improved vision and maintain their sight abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is A Good Candidate For Eylea® Treatment?

Good candidates for the Eylea® treatment are patients who are suffering from wet AMD, a rarer form of macular degeneration that is more likely to cause severe vision loss. 94% of patients who received Eylea® treatments were able to maintain their vision after one year of receiving the Eylea® treatment.

How Is The Eylea® Treatment Done?

Prior to the Eylea® treatment, a topical anesthetic will be placed on the eye. Then, the Eylea® formula will be injected into the eye, where it will limit the formation of harmful blood vessels. Typically, patients are encouraged to receive Eylea® treatments starting at four-week intervals for the first three months, then at eight-week intervals for further treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Eylea®?

Eylea® offers a quick injectable treatment for the management of wet AMD, with infrequent dosage requirements providing patients with a flexible treatment experience. The benefits of Eylea® are shown to be effective for up to a year, giving patients long-lasting relief to the symptoms and dangers of macular degeneration.

What Are The Risks Associated With Eylea®?

Eylea® is known to produce side effects in less than 5% of patients, which may include eye pain, eye pressure and risk of cataracts. However, it is still an approved and effective treatment for the long-term maintenance of wet AMD.

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