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American Eye Associates, formerly known as California Retina Associates, is one of a select number of practices that truly emphasize the treatment of conditions affecting the cornea, retina, and vitreous. Our expert team of medical professionals is dedicated to your eye health care. We work hand-in-hand with your general physicians to explore options for the most advanced, FDA-approved treatment for your eye disease.

One of a Kind experience

At American Eye Associates we do everything all in one place. From check ups , testing, and laser treatments, to booking surgery appointments if needed.

Experienced & Talented

Our expert team of medical professionals have over 100+ years of experience for all types of retinal eye diseases and corrections with over dozens of awards and recognitions.

Tailored Patient Care

We believe that every individual should be treated professionally, accurately, and attentively whether it’s your first time here with us or not.

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Oculoplastic Surgery

Retinal Care

American Eye Associates is a fantastic place. They do everything from checkups to eye surgery. The doctors are board-certified ophthalmologist who truly care about their patients. I always refer people to American Eye Associates because I know they will get the best treatment possible.  They are a 5-star top of the line facility with brand-new cutting edge technology. I highly recommend this place!

Dr. Lawrence Mohyi

Meet Our Doctors

Nasrin Mani, M.d.


Majid Mani, M.d.

Vice President

Ayham R. Skaf, M.d.

Retina Specialist

Mauricio Pons, M.d.

Retina Specialist

George Papastergiou, M.d.

Retina Specialist

Tayson DeLengocky, D.O.

Retina Specialist

Jason Moss, M.d.

Retina Specialist

Arnett Carraby, M.d.

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

Martin Rajsbaum, M.d.

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

James J. Peairs, M.d.

Retina Specialist

Patrick Sassani, M.d.

Retina Specialist

Roula El-Moghrabi, O.d.

Dry Eye Specialist

Nancy El-Moghrabi, O.d.

Dry Eye Specialist

Cesar Chavez, M.d.

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

Gregory A. Stainer, M.d., FACS

Corneal & External Disease Specialist

Walid Abdallah, M.D., PHD, FRCS

Retina Specialist

Sara Khandan, M.d.

Glaucoma & Cataract Specialist

Emma McDonnel, M.d.

Oculoplastic Surgery

Parnian Arjmand , M.d., M.Sc.

Retina Specialist

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