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About American Eye Associates

American Eye Associates and California Retina Associates is your premier center for ophthalmological services. Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists is dedicated to ensuring you can see clearly and live comfortably with the most up-to-date diagnostic services and treatments. We are proud to offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment services for a range of eye conditions to men and women in San Diego, Chula Vista, and the neighboring communities of Imperial County, California.

Available Services At American Eye Associates

Our board-certified American Eye Specialists and California Eye Associates ophthalmologists are ready to partner with you to develop a treatment plan to ensure that you achieve your desired visual outcomes. Our highly trained physicians have specializations in:


American Eye Associates is one of only a handful of ophthalmology practices that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the vitreous and retina, but no matter what vision problems you are having, we are prepared to work closely with you to provide the most effective FDA-approved medical or surgical treatments, targeted to meet your exact needs.

Our Technology and Treatments

Technology utilized by our San Diego retina consultants includes the following:

  • Lasers like Aragon to treat diabetic retinopathy, neovascularization and retinal tear and detachment; SLT to treat glaucoma; YAG to treat posterior capsular opacification after cataract surgery and to create a peripheral iridotomy in patients with narrow angle or angle-closure glaucoma
  • Shunts or stents to help increase the outflow of fluid in glaucoma cases
  • Intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF drugs like Avastin, Lucentis, and Triesence to treat macular degeneration
  • Cryotherapy, or the therapeutic use of cold temperatures to treat disorders of the lids or eyes
  • Advanced intraocular lens implants to replace the eye’s natural lens and restore clear vision and sharp focusing power after cataracts

In addition to these and other services, we provide a full range of diagnostic testing to determine the exact extent of the problem and damage. Our advanced diagnostic technology includes the following:

  • Ocular coherence tomography
  • Retinal nerve fiber layer analysis
  • Fundus photography
  • Fluorescein angiography
  • Visual Field testing
  • B-scan
  • Meibomian Gland Scanning
  • Tear Osmolarity Testing
  • LipiScan

We work with each patient to provide the tests and treatments best suited to protect and preserve vision into the future.

At American Eye Associates and California Retina Associates, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge treatments, expert surgical techniques, and the latest diagnostic services that will help you live your most healthy and comfortable life. We are happy to offer ophthalmology services to men and women in San Diego, Chula Vista, and the surrounding areas of Imperial County, California. Contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our expert ophthalmologists today. 

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