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What are Floaters?

February 25, 2015

Floaters are tiny spots or specs that seem to drift through the field of vision. They may be easier to notice in bright light conditions such as when working outside or looking at a computer screen.

Eye floaters are typically caused by fibers created when vitreous gel pulls away from the eye. While they can be annoying, floaters are not typically a cause for alarm. However, a sudden onset of floaters or those accompanied by flashes should be brought to the immediate attention of one of our San Diego eye doctors.

When floaters or flashes increase in intensity or are accompanied by a decline in central vision, they may indicate vitreous or retinal detachment. These more serious issues can lead to a permanent loss of vision when not addressed swiftly, making it important that you contact us right away for a treatment evaluation.

At American Eye Associates, we utilize the most advanced treatments and techniques to address floaters and flashers. Which option is ideal for your needs can best be determined during your examination with one of our retina specialists.

If you are experiencing an increase in floaters of flashes, please contact American Eye Associates to schedule an examination. We welcome patients living throughout the San Diego area at our Chula Vista and El Centro locations.

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