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How To Keep Glasses From Fogging While Wearing A Face Mask

June 14, 2021

Are Your Glasses Getting Foggy While Wearing A Mask?

In this blog we will share our number one glasses hack while wearing a mask without fogging your glasses. Whether you're wearing a make shift mask you made yourself, a surgical mask, or even if you're wearing an official KN95 mask. These tips are going to work.

We have tried all of the different tips, tricks, and hacks that we have read in blog posts and videos and most of them do not work and it's really frustrating. We have tried the anti fog spray, do not waste your money on those. They do not work. We have tried the bar soap method where we put the bar of soap on the lenses and then wash it off. That also doesn't work. We've even tried the shaving cream method, that doesn't work either.



The two methods that do work, are using a tissue paper or using some form of surgical tape



Tissue Paper

The first one kind of works and that's using a piece of tissue paper. This works well for people that need a quick and easy fix. You fold it up and put in underneath the part of the mask that goes on to the nose. That will create a little bit of an air dam. So the hot air from your breathe wont rise up and fog up your glasses.

Surgical Tape

The method that we find that works the best is using some form of surgical tape. You can then press and seal the surgical tape to the top of the mask and to the top of your face. That will create seal so that when you breathe the air wont come out the top, instead it will be kind of shunted off to the sides or the front of the mask. What's important is that you use some type of surgical tape that is hypoallergenic and that is easy to remove because the adhesive part of the tape can cause irritation to the sensitive skin around your eyes. So again it's  best to find something that's hypoallergenic. You can easily find surgical tape at a local pharmacy or an online store such as amazon

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