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Adult Medicine & Diagnostic Center offers treatments for men and women in Ascension Parish, Prairieville, Gonzales, East Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas of Louisiana who live with sinus conditions and allergies. We have Spanish-speaking staff available.

What Are Sinus Conditions?

The most common sinus condition is sinusitis, which is an inflammation of the sinuses. People with sinusitis often have sinus infections, sinus headache, and sinus pressure. The most common of the sinus infection signs are thick, milky mucous when you blow your nose that may be combined with blood.

Sinus & Allergies in Ascension Parish, LA

What Are Allergies?

Allergies develop when you inhale allergens, airborne irritants, smoke, dust, pollen, and other substances that trigger your immune system. You may have seasonal or chronic allergies.

How Much Do Diagnostic and Treatment Services for Sinus and Allergies Cost?

We accept most PPO and HMO insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Diagnostic and treatment services for sinus conditions and allergies at Adult Medicine & Diagnostic Center may be covered by your plan, and you may have some out-of-pocket costs, such as a co-payment, deductible, or co-insurance. Our patient coordinator explains your insurance coverage at the time of your appointment.

What Causes Sinus Conditions?

Sinus conditions may be caused by environmental factors, such as viruses, bacteria, and allergens. The conditions may also be caused by abnormalities in your sinuses, such as a deviated septum.

What Causes Allergies?

Having an allergic reaction is an indication that your immune response is severe, and your body is fighting to remove the substances from your nasal passages to prevent them from entering your airway.

What Are the Symptoms of Sinus Conditions & Allergies?

The most common sinus infect ion symptoms and allergy symptoms are:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Thick, yellow mucous
  • Trouble breathing through your nose
  • Sore throat
  • Runny, watery eyes
  • Not being able to sleep because you can’t breathe
  • Congestion
  • Sinus headaches

How Are Sinus Conditions and Allergies Diagnosed?

Sinus conditions and allergies may be diagnosed when you discuss your sinus infection symptoms with Dr. Vazquez-Borrero. He will also examine your nose, ears, throat, and eyes to look for signs of infection and allergies. Typically, the mucous membranes inside the nose and throat are inflamed. You may also have congestion inside your ears. Dr. Vazquez-Borrero may recommend allergy testing to determine what substance is triggering your symptoms. The diagnostic service may include testing for food allergies.

How Are Sinus Conditions and Allergies Treated?

Sinus conditions and allergies are normally treated with medications. If you have a sinus infection, Dr. Vazquez-Borrero will prescribe antibiotics. Antihistamines help with any allergy symptoms. The prescriptions are sent directly to your pharmacy, and you can pick them up at your convenience.

Welcoming You to Your New Medical Home at Adult Medicine & Diagnostic Center

We are honored that you are choosing Adult Medicine & Diagnostic Center as your medical home, and we value the trust that you put in us to manage your health and chronic conditions. We strive to develop lasting bonds with our patients that create a foundation for long-term relationships.

Dr. Vazquez-Borrero uses an approach that is based upon listening carefully to his patients during the appointments to gain a complete understanding of their symptoms. His goal is to provide diagnostic services and explain the results in the same day. Based on the results, he works with you to create a treatment plan that not only helps with your symptoms, but also improves your quality of life. If you need medications, Dr. Vazquez-Borrero sends the prescription directly to your pharmacy. We have Spanish-speaking staff available.

Since 1998, Dr. Carlos R. Vazquez-Borrero of Adult Medicine & Diagnostic Center has provided a welcoming medical home for men and women from Ascension Parish, Prairieville, Gonzales, East Baton Rouge, and the nearby communities in Louisiana. To learn more about sinus conditions and allergies, contact us to schedule an appointment. We have Spanish-speaking staff available.

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